Staff and students achieve British badminton record

Staff and students try to break the Guiness World Record

Staff and students beat the UK record for ‘most participants in a badminton rally’ at Woodcock Sports Centre last week.

The atmosphere was fantastic as students, staff and members of the community came together to attempt to break the current Guiness World Record of 97 participants. Unfortunately after an hour of attempting the record, only a rally of 62 was reached before some participants needed to head back to work, lectures or home. One last attempt for the record was made and although an amazing rally of 110 shots was made without a foul (this would have smashed the World Record), there were only 86 people taking part. However, this is a British record and as far as we can tell, this is also a European record – although we are trying to get final confirmation of this! 

Participants left the event disappointed not to have broken the Guinness World Record but with smiles on their faces after taking part in a fun sporting challenge, making new friends and proud of their efforts. Well done to Miles and the Badminton team for putting on such a great event and thanks go to all those who took part!

Words by Simon Foster and Louise Russell 


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