Aston Excellence Awards 2009

Aston Excellence Awards 2009

I am delighted to be able to tell you that the Aston Excellence Awards have been decided for this year, and these are detailed below. We have a rich pool of committed and talented people at Aston, and the Awards allow us to celebrate their achievements and successes. All of the Awards will be presented at the degree ceremonies this summer, and there will also be a celebratory luncheon in September.

We had significant numbers of nominations for the Awards, and I would like to say thank you to all those people who nominated their colleagues, and to congratulate not only the recipients of the Awards but all of those that were nominated.

The full list of the Awards is as follows:

Outstanding Contribution to Community Engagement
Anthony Hilton, Life and Health Sciences

Outstanding Customer Service
Andrew Stanczak , ISA

Outstanding Learning Support
Anne Wheeler, CLIPP

Outstanding Early-Career Researcher of the Year
Michael Henry, Aston Business School

Outstanding Researcher of the Year
Helen Griffiths, Life and Health Sciences

Outstanding Student Support
David Smith, Engineering & Applied Sciences

Outstanding Contribution to the Sustainable Campus
Adrian Lowe, Catering

Outstanding Teacher of the Year (staff nominated)
Sylvia Wong,Engineering and Applied Sciences

Outstanding Teacher of the Year (student nominated)
Matt Davies, Aston Business School

Words by Professor Graham Hooley

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Well said Sharen. I have to agree.Miranda Cleal08/07/2009 11:47:19
For every person who was nominated for these awards, there must be at least another 10 plus who are worthy of an excellence award, particularly on the support staff side, so how about increasing the categories next year?Sharen Lloyd02/07/2009 14:02:10