Full aerobics programme starts this week

Full aerobics programme starts this week

Start the New Year feeling great with Sport Aston's aerobics and studio cycling classes!

Our full aerobics programme starts this week. We have a wide choice to choose from with classes taking place every week day.

Back this term is our very popular Thighs, Bums & Tums classes designed to shape and tone your whole body but paying particular attention to your thighs, buttocks and abs.

Studio Cycling also makes a return. This enjoyable and popular class is a group cycling work out on our studio bikes. Classes simulate riding on various types of terrain such as hills and flat roads by adjusting the resistance on your bike.

Hi/Lo aerobics replaces our circuits class this term. Hi/Lo aerobics is a class full of energy with the option to work at a high or low level. This class is fantastic for improving fitness and finishes with a floor workout.

Fat burner returns and is always one of the popular classes in the New Year as it is ideal for beginners. A great low level workout, the class finishes off with an ab-attack workout.

Body Conditioning has been on the Sport Aston aerobics programme for a number of years now due to its excellent routines that never fail to get results. Body conditioning is a fantastic toning session for the whole body using body bars and resistance. It really is a class for all fitness levels.

Aquafit is a women only aerobics class that is included in the price of a swim (women only swimming is available before the Aquafit class). This excellent cardiovascular and muscle toning class uses the water for resistance and is suitable for all levels of fitness. No swimming skills are necessary to attend Aquafit classes.

All aerobics classes are set to music and are a great fun way to shape, tone, increase fitness or help lose weight.

Aston Staff pay just £2.25 per class or can purchase a “12 for 10” aerobics card for £22.50 and get 12 classes for the price of 10. To take part in aerobics you don’t need to book – just come along to Woodcock Sports Centre approx 15 minutes before a class start to ensure you get your place.

For more information please contact me at s.j.foster1@aston.ac.uk or ext 4630.

Words by Simon Foster 

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