Academics share their optimism

The thoughts of 18 Aston academics have been featured in a new book. They sit alongside 62 other scientists, medics, engineers, chemists, computer and digital media scientists, environmental and energy experts who work throughout the West Midlands and who were asked the question What are you optimistic about? Their views of a brighter future make up The New Optimists: Scientists view tomorrow’s world & what it means to us.

They give a refreshing and positive view of the future and how it can be a better place for us all. From tackling the big challenges, such as curing cancer, to living in harmony with our environment, the book reveals how barriers are being broken and just how much is happening in research centres and universities as they overcome obstacles for the good of humanity.

The views of the following Aston academics are featured in the book:

Dr Lucy Bastin              Urban ecosystems – tapping the human resource

Prof Robert Berry          Power in action – motivating the next generation

Dr Roslyn Bill               Membrane proteins – crucial drug targets

Prof Tony Bridgwater     Biomass – harvesting available energy

Dr Barbara Conway       Biopharmaceuticals – transforming disease management

Dr Tim Grant                 Forensic Linguistics – advancing justice

Prof Helen Griffiths       The biology of ageing – routes to solve the puzzle

Dr Anthony Hilton          Public engagement in science – leaving the ivory tower

Prof Andreas Hornung   Biochar – stabilising world climate

Prof Julia King              Electric drive vehicles – the need for brave decisions

Prof Peter Lambert        Microbiology – the key to life on earth   

Prof Ian Nabney            Probability theory – the absurdity of certainty

Prof Yvonne Perrie        The power of vaccination – improving global health

Prof Georgina Rippon   Plastic brains – making up for lost neurons

Prof Brian Tighe            Biomaterials science – a scientist’s story

Dr Ann Vernallis            Cytokines – the interplay of basic and clinical sciences

Prof Michael West         Positivity – staying connected

Prof James Wolffsohn    Renewing eyes – eye focus restored

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Words by Louise Russell 

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