A very special school

Thomas Austin's visit to Tenderfoot school.

International Office Project Assistant, Thomas Austin, has recently returned from Kenya where he student attended recruitment exhibitions, met with University agents and visited high schools in Nairobi and Mombasa. Thomas’s first appointment was a visit to a very special school in Nairobi.

Tenderfoot School has a population of around 350 students. The children attend the school from 6:30am until 5:30pm everyday, all wearing donated school uniforms. Most of the children are orphans, some suffering from HIV. International Officers from various UK universities including Aston University have been visiting the Tenderfoot School for a number of years to raise funds and deliver much-needed equipment and clothing.

Thomas was shown around the school by Head Teacher Esther Wamai who explained more about the school and its plans. “The school has grown from having only 8 students, based in the slums of Nairobi to moving to its new location with a growing population of 350 students.”  He watched a PE lesson on the school sports field which is the only land the school has but they are raising funds to develop and expand so that the school can facilitate up 700 children.

Tom remembers: “When we first arrived the children rushed out of the school and were singing and dancing to welcome us and celebrate our visit. I had taken a donation to give to the school and we charged an entrance fee at one of the fairs which was also donated. The students were so welcoming and friendly and it was lovely to spend an afternoon in their company.”

For more information about the school or make a donation.

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