Summer in Korea

Katharina Boden (far right) and fellow students on the ISC 2010

Katharina Boden, an Aston MSc Marketing Management student, has recently returned from a stay in Seoul where she attended the annual Korea University International Summer Camp. Katharina’s visit was funded by a PMI2 Scholarship administered by Aston University.

Katharina told Aspects: "Talking about Korea and showing pictures of Seoul, people’s most common reaction is surprise. Even though it is situated in east Asia and only a stone's throw away from China, Korea is nothing like it’s neighbour. South Korea has its own language and letters, its own culture and cuisine and its own ethics and norms.

"The first thing I was noticed in Korea was its people. Few people speak English but Koreans are an extremely friendly and helpful nation despite any language barriers. From the first moment until the very last day I have always felt very welcomed and people go the extra mile just to help you or show off their beautiful country. Korean food is extremely healthy and offers a variety of soups, buckwheat noodles, loads of rice and of course Kimchi, a spicy cabbage.

"Korea University, which was established in 1905, has an impressive campus and made every effort to welcome all international students. This summer there were about 1400 students from all over the world who took part at the International Summer Camp 2010. As Korean students are very hard working the university provides its students with plenty of nice facilities to study, eat or even relax. Although the courses were intense, there was always enough time to go travelling or to enjoy Seoul."

Please contact individual Placement Officers in each School for information about next year’s summer school or a study placement at Korea University.

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