Chinese New Year celebrations a roaring success!

Chinese New Year celebrated at Aston

Aston students gathered in the University Guild a fortnight ago as they came together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Celebrating the year of the tiger, the event was opened with a giant lion and a traditional opening dance.

The event customarily begins on the first day of each lunar month, originating from end-of harvest celebrations when people would offer thanks to Gods for good harvest for a good crop the following year.

Students were able to experience a broad range of Chinese culture from the stalls and entertainment available, including songs performed by the Aston Music society and the Aston Vietnamese Society. Those who came along were even treated to a variety of Chinese cuisine which was available, including delicacies such as sushi and nut pancakes.  

Traditional practises such as open air markets which sell New Year related products were illustrated at the event which was sponsored by eight keen local businesses.

Aspects wishes you all a Happy Chinese New Year!

Words by Munira Jasat