Inaugural lecture by Professor Simon Green

Professor Simon Green

The Political Challenge of Migration Policy 

Inaugural lecture by Professor Simon Green
Tuesday 24 January 2012
6.30pm in the Sumpner Lecture Theatre

The management of migration represents one of the major political challenges for developed states across the globe, and especially in the European Union. Yet in meeting this challenge, governments have to juggle not only a range of powerful historical legacies, but also a series of contradictory pressures. These include economic, humanitarian and demographic pressures towards liberalisation and security, electoral and financial pressures towards restriction. Together, these conflicting pressures have served to frustrate and even prevent joined-up policy-making.

The lecture draws on the examples of the UK and Germany to illustrate this trend, while also pointing to growing similarities in the types of policy response adopted by these two countries.

All staff are welcome to attend. A buffet will follow the lecture.

Please reserve your place by emailing: events@aston.ac.uk

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