First Annual Islamic Business & Finance Symposium

First Annual Symposium

3 - 4 December 2011

Aston University’s El Shaarani Research Centre in Islamic Business & Finance and Durham University’s Islamic Economics & Finance Centre are holding a First Annual Symposium at Aston Business School (Adrian Cadbury Lecture Theatre).

Symposium theme:

Analytical and Empirical Research in Islamic Finance, Economics and Law.

Symposium’s Objectives:

  • To offer a venue for thorough review and discussion by selected Islamic Finance Experts of the analytical and empirical research in Islamic Finance and the means to advance this type of research.

  • To lay the ground for a future regular event that will review and advance this type of research.

The Symposium will cover analytical and empirical research in four tracks: Accounting; Economics; Finance and Law.

Presenters include: Dr Omneya Abdelsalam (Aston University), Professor Habib Ahmed (Durham University), Dr Mehmet Asutay (Durham University), Professor Mahmoud El-Gamal (Rice University), Dr Mohamed El-Komi (Durham University), Dr Mohamed Fadl (Toronto University), Dr Meryem Fethi (Leicester University), Dr Haidar Hamoudy (Pittsburgh Law school), Professor Shahid Ibrahim (Bangor University), Professor Khalifa Mazouz (Bradford University), Dr Mona Said (American University in Cairo), Dr Mohamed Shaban (Leicester University), Dr Rima Turk (Lebanese American university).
The Symposium’s sessions will be on:
- The role of Modern Fiqh in Islamic Finance
-  The role of Islamic Finance in economic development
- Transparency, Corporate Governance and Social responsibility in Islamic Finance
- Islamic Financial Products & Instruments.

The first day of the symposium will commence at 10 am on 3  December and will end at 5pm on 4 December.

Full papers (or presentations) should be submitted to the organisers by 21 November 2011.

For further information please contact Dr Omneya Abdelsalam: o.h.abd-elsalam@aston.ac.uk.

20 October 2011