Ecological Modernisation and Climate Change Strategies seminar

The Centre for Research in Social and Political Sciences (CRSPS) invites you to a presentation by

Dr David Toke (Birmingham University)

Wednesday 9 November, 4 - 5:30pm, MB 753

Topic: 'Ecological Modernisation and Climate Change Strategies'


The implications of studies of ecological modernisation and renewable energy are assessed for the wider issue of climate change. Ecological modernisation as propounded by Mol and others involves industry making key technological choices to 'green' business. Yet in the case of renewable energy the 'industry' was first invented by a social movement and even today is sustained as an industry with a separate identity  to that of other energy industries. The incentives that are needed to promote continued development of renewable energy are dependent on maintaining a coalition of public support focused on positive public identification with technologies such as wind power and solar power. It seems likely that a similar relationship is needed for a wider strategy aimed at countering climate change with technical remedies being supported through public pressure and indentity with such solutions. Mechanisms through which this may be achieved will be discussed.

Dr David Toke is Senior Lecturer in Energy Policy at the Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham. In just 12 years he has published approaching 40 papers in refereed journals and three research monographs, the most recent of which is 'Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy' published by Palgrave earlier this year. He has been active in public campaigns on green energy topics and was a prime mover in putting feed-in tariffs on the agenda which led to the adoption of the UK programme of feed-in tariffs for small renewable projects in 2008.