Inaugural lecture by Professor Tim Baines (ABS)

All staff are invited Prof Tim Baines's inaugural lecture

Services; a manufacturing renaissance?

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Manufacturing is once again fashionable while services have for the moment lost their shine. Yet manufacturers themselves can base their own competitive strategy on the delivery of services. These services can strengthen relationships with customers, create new and resilient revenue streams, and set high barriers for competitors. This is a services-led competitive strategy, and the process through which this is achieved is known as servitization.

Celebrated icons of servitization include Rolls-Royce, Xerox, Alstom, and Caterpillar. These large multinationals all offer extended maintenance, repair and overhaul contracts for their expensive and complex capital equipment. Such successes have led to servitization now being promoted more widely in government manufacturing policy. Yet some industrial experts are not convinced; is this policy realistic? what does it take to succeed through servitization? and is this a viable proposition for manufacturers in the West Midlands region?

In this lecture Tim will deliver insights into companies that lead through their services; summarising advanced services strategies, their business benefits, the challenges they pose, and the technologies and practices they demand. It will also reflect on the potential value of this strategy regionally, and so explore whether servitization can really be part of a manufacturing renaissance.

This lecture is free to attend and all staff are invited to attend.

It will take place in the Sumpner Lecture Theatre at 6:30pm (tea and coffee from 6pm). A buffet will follow the lecture.

To book a seat please email events@aston.ac.uk or contact Jean Hasson on ext 4551.

29 September 2011

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