Sustainable business travel guidelines now available

Sustainable business travel guidelines are now available

As part of the University's campaign to reduce carbon emissions from transport, the Environment and Sustainability Team has put together useful guidelines on sustainable business travel options. The guidelines offer hints and tips on choosing the greenest travel option, such as switching to the train instead of the car, booking a direct flight instead of a transfer, etc.

You can also find some example journeys online which demonstrate just how much carbon you can save by switching to a different mode of transport. The journeys also show that, in a lot of cases, green travel can be as quick, or even quicker, than the unsustainable alternative.

Most importantly of all the guidelines ask you to consider whether the best option might be to use our video-conferencing facilities, located in G39, which are now available to book free of charge through Lesley Smith (ext. 4793).

Reducing the University's business transport emissions is part of Aston's commitment to 10:10, the national campaign to reduce carbon emissions by 10% during 2010. There's only a couple of months left so we need everyone to get involved with a final push to make sure we achieve our target. Longer term the University has set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions in the Carbon Management Plan and to meet these, all staff and students, will need work towards these reductions.

For further information contact Victoria Johnsen on ext 4970.  

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To help with this sustainability plan, we (CLIPP) can also offer all at Aston the use of a live webinar tool - Elluminate. This tool allows academic and support staff (e.g. Alumni) to schedule live meetings, presentations, open days, etc, via a PC and web browser. Convenience, low carbon, recorded, engaging, and simple to use. Webinars can form part of your plans to contact learners and associatese via the web. contact Kevin Brace- CLIPPKevin Brace11/11/2010 09:27:46