‘Green Leader’ Julia King awarded

pic of Julia King environment award

The University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Julia King has been named as one of the region’s Top 50 Green Leaders for her extensive regional, national and international work in sustainability.

Organised by Sustainability West Midlands, the competition addresses the leadership gap in the area by celebrating and promoting some of the most influential people currently driving the agenda to move to a low carbon economy and society by 2020.

Professor King, who was appointed by the Government to undertake the ‘King Review’ to examine and assess green and sustainable vehicle and fuel technologies, is also the UK’s Low Carbon Business Ambassador. These extremely influential positions have already begun to shape UK policy towards reducing carbon emissions from road transport and, ultimately, tackle the global problem of climate change. She has also developed the hugely successful environmental sustainability strategy at Aston and led a campaign to make Birmingham the centre of driving new sustainability policies for the UK.

The Top 50 Green Leaders, who received their certificates from international campaigner Jonathon Porritt at a special event at Millennium Point, will be invited to use this new platform to share and pass on their experiences, skills and knowledge to the next generation of professionals.

“Our Top 50 Green Leaders features a diverse group of individuals, who have all helped to implement and run activities that have had a positive environmental impact with additional social or economic benefits,” explained Dr Simon Slater, Executive Director of Sustainability West Midlands.


“It proves the great ingenuity and spirit that was present when the West Midlands kicked off the high carbon revolution is still alive and well today as we invent the low carbon era. We are trying to capture this drive and passion and share it with up and coming leaders, who will be essential in picking up the agenda and running with it.”




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