Aston launches the Mug for Life!

Mug for life

The new Aston University Mug for Life is now available from Dol.cHeVita, Costa and Caffe Libro for only £3.50.

Included in the price, you get your first refill for free and 15p discount every time you buy a hot drink using your Aston Mug for Life.

These mugs have been launched by the Catering department to try to reduce the number of paper cups that are currently being used. This will help Aston's goal to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020.

Catering have put a lot of work into reducing their environmental impact through a number of great initiatives, for example sourcing compostable containers and cups, which will be introduced together with the on-site composter they plan to have in place next year. They have also recently launched Resource water, which donates a percentage of sales to preserving the rainforests as well as a new system to reuse glass water bottles at Conference Aston and, of course, tap water is available in all catering outlets. In addition, where possible, Catering try to use locally sourced produce to support the local community and cut down on the University's food miles.

Words by Victoria Johnsen

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