New cycle racks open on campus

Cycling at Aston is on the up, and to help improve facilities for our many keen cyclists the installation of some new cycle shelters on campus has just been completed. The shelters are located around the campus, offering a total of 70 bicycle spaces and 15 motorbike spaces:

South Wing – 10 bicycle spaces, 10 motorbike spaces

North Wing (car park 3) – 5 motorbike spaces

Student Guild (bridge) – 20 bicycle spaces

Next to Nelson Building – 10 bicycle spaces

Dalton Tower – 20 bicycle spaces

Library / Vision Sciences – 10 bicycle spaces

For those of you who are interested in cycling, you can also join Aston's Bicycle Users Group online and you can keep up to date with cycling events and initiatives.

If you’re ready to give cycling a go you can even buy a second hand bike by contacting the Environment team who are working with local charity Cycle Chain and then head straight to Security to buy a subsidised bike lock for only £8!

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Most of the city pavements aren't technically shared use (though quite a few are, e.g. I think the one by the expressway to Matalan is--if it isn't it's wide enough to be), as opposed to paths on campus. When cycling I try & go on the road where possible, or a cyclepath when there is one (& if it's not full of broken glass--like underpasses often are :(--or parked cars). I don't try cycling up crowded pavements, there's no point. Sometimes I use the almost completely empty pavements on the middle ring road, or other roads esp. at roundabouts, or pavements next to narrow, busy main roads in the countryside--in which case I yield on those very rare occasions a pedestrian is seen.Alex Wright15/06/2010 23:10:51
Hi Claire, Thanks very much for your comments. The paths around campus and around Birmingham are all shared use, meaning that they are designed to be used by cyclists and pedestrians. As this is the case, it is important that everyone respects the other users. If you feel this is an issue you would like us to pursue, then please complete our travel survey which will be sent out shortly so we have a record of this which we can present as evidence. Thanks again. Victoria Johnsen28/10/2009 14:33:44
I would like to point out that although I approve of people if possible cycling to work, the consequences can be very unpleasant for people who walk. There are now so many bicycles illegally travelling on the pavements, many going at great speed, that it will not be long before someone is badly injured. I think that if cycling is to be encouraged by the university that cycle paths must first be created and bicycle riders should then stick to them. Claire Howell14/10/2009 10:07:39