Catering@Aston staff user group meeting

Wednesday 27 October 2pm - 3:30pm

Feedback from the staff satisfaction survey has highlighted that the needs of the staff community require a direct focus from Catering@Aston and as such a separate student user group for Students will take place in February 2011.

Catering@Aston are looking for a representative from each department across the University who will be able to attend the User Group and feedback on the views of their whole department. The focus of this group will be looking forward to future development of the catering outlets located across the campus to ensure catering meet the needs of the entire staff community. As part of Catering@Aston’s continued commitment to reviewing and improving their services within CaféTierra, CaféLibro and DolcHeVita, the next Staff User Group will be held on Wednesday 27 October at 2pm.

Please confirm your interest in attending to Paul Bunce by Friday 8 October.

Full details including location will be announced later in October.

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