Accurate information needed for Switchboard

Aston’s Telephone Exchange needs your help!

If you move room or building, change job or position please let the Telephone Exchange know so that Aston’s Corporate Directory is accurate and calls can be transferred to the right person. Please also get in touch with the names of temporary staff who are covering for a member of staff.

Aston’s Telephone Exchange is increasingly finding that staff have moved office or changed jobs and have not notified the Exchange or the Reception. This can cause confusion and look unprofessional if Switchboard or Reception do not know who or where members of staff are located or what position they hold. There have been occasions when Reception staff have directed a visitor to a member of staff's room only to find the visitor arriving back at the Reception saying that person has moved. Switchboard often transfers calls to an extension where the person no longer occupies that position.

Any information about forthcoming Conferences and visitors to the University is also helpful and a University contact and extension number would help Switchboard and Reception staff direct relevant enquiries.

The Switchboard team wants to help all members of staff and students at Aston, so help them to help you!

The main Switchboard number for Aston University is 0121 204 3000 and you can reach the Switchboard by dialling 0 from an internal phone.

The Switchboard's Supervisor, Marianne Lynne, can be reached on ext 4459.

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