Kestrel cam up and running!

Licensed BTO ringer Tony Kelly with the new webcam

With the kestrels of the Main Building being firm Aston University residents, Aspects is pleased to announce that the installation of Kestrel Cam is finally complete!

What started off as a missing piece of glass in a technician’s study room, has since become the nesting place for several generations of kestrels over an estimated 30 year period. Following the renovation of the study room, Estates & Facilities have since taken action to help preserve the birds’ habitat. A state-of-the-art webcam has been installed in the nesting place enabling staff, students and the public to access a live feed for those wanting to watch the birds. The live feed is due to be available via the Aston University website, the RSPB website and finally projected through a large screen at the RSPB stand located in the city centre.

Licensed British Trust for Ornithology ringer, Tony Kelly, was on hand to ensure the installation went smoothly. He explained, 'We are looking forward to the chicks hatching in spring 2010. We have had 5 eggs laid this year resulting in an amazing 3 chicks that have now successfully fledged. The webcam will be a great way for people to check up on the kestrels and I will only be accessing the nest site once to apply leg rings to any new chicks in the Spring. Otherwise they will remain undisturbed.'  

Carolyn Taylor from Estates & Facilities took responsibility when the study room refurbishment began. 'It was very important to help protect the kestrels since they have been an important part of our university for so long' she said. 'It is vital to maintain the safety of their chosen habitat and do the best that we can for all birds and wildlife on campus.'

And for all those staff members who hold a keen interest in wildlife, Carolyn has recently formed the Aston Campus Group Wildlife Group. With the first meeting set for sometime in October, everyone is welcome to join.

To see the latest live shots from the Kes-Cam click here. 

If you are interested in joining the Aston Campus Wildlife Group please email Carolyn Taylor.

For more information on the kestrels and the preservation of birds visit the RSPB website: www.rspb.org.uk.

Words by Munira Jasat  

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Thank you again for the opportunity to have watched these kestrels. Truely amazing.Jacki Bardell30/06/2010 11:09:26
There's a chick. OMG there's a chick x Jacki Bardell12/05/2010 13:55:23
I can't thank you enough for providing the opportunity to view the kestrels. I have the webcam on most of the day. She almost feels like a member of the family. I've no idea how much it must have cost but it's brilliant work and worth every penny. Stunning. Thanks again. JackiJacki Bardell21/04/2010 17:38:34