Health and safety issues to be discussed and approved before project work starts

Works undertaken to the building fabric and engineering building services, can create or expose many unexpected hazards and risks such as asbestos, electrical safety, Legionella in water and fire safety.

It is therefore essential that ANY works being planned to the building or engineering services must be discussed with Estates and Facilities at the earliest opportunity, and most certainly before any instructions are confirmed. Some services may require additional surveys before work can be agreed, and in certain cases such as with asbestos work there may be statutory HSE notification periods required, before any work can be commenced. Therefore it is in everyone's best interest to do this as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.

To ensure that all appropriate method statements, risk assessments, and completion test certificates are produced at the appropriate time ALL Purchase Orders should be placed by Estates & Facilities.

There are four main contacts in Estates and Facilities for any of these works :

Vaughan Townsend, Maintenance Officer for any general or building works on ext. 4324 or by email: v.townsend@aston.ac.uk

Graham Faulks, Engineering Officer for any heating, ventilation, water services works on ext. 4331 or by email: g.j.faulks@aston.ac.uk

Trevor Owens, Electrical Engineer for any issues relating to electrical works on ext. 4335 or by email: t.a.owens@aston.ac.uk

David White, Fire Safety Adviser for any works likely to affect Fire Safety on ext. 4805 or by email: whiteda@aston.ac.uk

If you have any doubts whether the works you have in mind are relevant, or which one of these contacts seems most appropriate, then contact either one and they will then pass the information onto colleagues as necessary.

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Like many members of staff I read this article when it was first published on Aspects. I was rather disappointed to then receive a paper copy of the same notification at the end of last week. Sending a paper copy to every member of staff when the message has already been communicated through Aspects seems to me like an enormous waste of resources.Claire Hopkins24/11/2009 16:45:21