Aston's Year of Ethnicity & Culture to launch on Wednesday

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Crossing Boundaries: Aston's Year of Ethnicity & Culture will be officially launched on Wednesday 16 February. Celebrations and activities will be starting from 11:30am and will run throughout the lunchtime period.

There will be dancing, music, international food demonstrations and tastings, an international book swap, photo and flag displays, stands with information about Crossing Boundaries and also regarding the Aston graduates' 'It's on the Meter' and Aston staff 'Match the Mileage' challenges.  

There will also be a speech by Aston's Vice-Chancellor at 12:15pm. This will be followed by a reading by Birmingham’s Poet Laureate, Roy McFarlane of his poem Where you from.

The University is also working with Birmingham artist, Anand Chhabra, who will produce a work of art which will encapsulate Crossing Boundaries: Aston's Year of Ethnicity & Culture. If you would like to have your photograph taken for the project, please go to the Martin Luther King Multifaith Centre on Wednesday (16 February) anytime between 11am and 3pm. When completed, the Library will house this piece of art.

Come along and join the fun on Wednesday - we want to see as many staff and students there as possible!

Words by Louise Russell

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