Autumn films from the Aston Triangle Cinema Club

Penelope Cruz stars in 'Open Your Eyes'

The first screening of the Aston Triangle Cinema Club took place last week and the programme for the rest of term has now been announced (although, as with any cinema screening, it may be subject to change). Aspects wanted to lead you through this term’s selection of world cinema and art house films so that you can get some dates in your diary!

Following feedback from staff and students, all screenings will now take place every Tuesday at 5:30pm. The screening day has remained as a Tuesday but the screenings are now at the earlier time of 5:30pm as staff felt it would be more beneficial to show them directly after the working day. All screenings will take place in MB518 unless otherwise stated. 

Tickets are £2.50 and can be purchased when you arrive for the film – there’s no need to book. Films are open to staff, students and the public so please feel free to bring along a family member or friend! 

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Tuesday 5 October
The Wind Will Carry Us
(1999, directed by Abbas Kiarostami, 118mins, Persian with subtitles)
Irreverent city engineer Behzad comes to a rural village in Iran to keep vigil for a dying relative. In the meanwhile the film follows his efforts to fit in with the local community and how he changes his own attitudes as a result. View trailer.

Tuesday 19 October
The Maltese Falcon
(1941, directed by John Huston, 101mins)
This classic film follows a private detective who takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette. View trailer.

Tuesday 26 October
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (211 mins, Bollywood film starring Amitabh Bhachan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol)
A lavish movie that deals with the issues of class distinction and the roles of women and men in marriage. View trailer.

Tuesday 2 November

(1983, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, 125mins, Russian/Italian with subtitles)
Russian poet Gortchakov is travelling through Italy researching the life of an 18th century Russian composer. In an ancient spa town, he meets the lunatic Domenico, who years earlier had imprisoned his own family in a barn to save them from the evils of the world. View trailer.

Tuesday 9 November
The Edge of Heaven
(2007, directed by Faith Akin, 116mins, German/Turkish with subtitles)
Nejat seems disapproving about his widower father's choice of prostitute Yeter for a girlfriend but grows fond of her when he discovers she sends money home for her daughter's university studies. Yeter's sudden death makes Nejat travel to Istanbul to search for her daughter. View trailer.

Tuesday 16 November
Clockwork Orange

(1971, directed by Stanley Kubrick, 136mins)
Protogonist Alex is an "ultraviolent" youth in futuristic Britian. As with all luck, his eventually runs out and he's arrested and convicted of murder and rape. While in prison, Alex learns of an experimental program in which convicts are programmed to detest violence. If he goes through the program his sentence will be reduced and he will be back on the streets sooner than expected. But Alex's ordeals are far from over once he hits the mean streets of Britain that he had a hand in creating. View trailer.

Tuesday 23 November
Nobody Knows

(2004, director
Hirokazu Koreeda, 141mins, Japanese with subtitles)
The movie is based on an event in 1988 best known as the ‘Affair of the four abandoned children of Sugamo’. The story is about four children, each by a different father, abandoned by their mother. They are then forced to survive on their own.View trailer.

Tuesday 30 November
Buena Vista Social Club

(1999, directed by Jim Wenders, 105mins, English/Spanish)
A group of legendary Cuban musicians were brought together by Ry Cooder to record a CD. In this film, we see and hear some of the songs being recorded in Havana and footage from concerts in Amsterdam and New York City's Carnegie Hall. View trailer.

Tuesday 7 December
The Third Man
(1949, directed by Carol Reed, 104mins)
An out of work pulp fiction novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in a post war Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has lead to a flourishing black market. He arrives at the invitation of an ex-school friend who has offered him a job, only to discover he has died in a peculiar traffic accident. From talking to associates, Martins soon notices inconsistencies in their stories and is determined to discover what really happened to him. View trailer.

Tuesday 14 December
Open Your Eyes
(1997, directed by Alejandro Amenábar,Spanish with subtitles)
A very handsome man finds the love of his life, but he suffers an accident and needs to have his face rebuilt by surgery after it is severely disfigured. View trailer.

For further information please contact Shazia Tariq, Projects Officer for Professor Helen Higson on ext 4414 or at s.tariq3@aston.ac.uk.

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