Aston sculptures feature as part of BBC art walk

Two of Aston's stunning outdoor sculptures have been featured on the BBC website as part of an art walk devised to accompany the television series 'Modern Masters'.

'Modern Masters' is a new series charting the life, work and influence of Picasso, Matisse, Dali and Warhol, and looking at their influence on contemporary art, design and architecture.

A total of 10 city art walks have been compiled so that everyone can explore how these four artists have shaped the modern world. Audio guides are also available to accompany the walks.

The Birmingham walk, lasting approximately two and a half hours, starts at the University and ends at Brindley Place. It covers a total distance of 2.45 miles.

Walkers are guided into the campus where 'on your left you will see the first of two fantastic water sculptures. Tipping Triangles (1994) by Angela Connor is constantly in motion, with each of its huge metal panels, or 'tippers', shifting back and forth as the water pressure changes. Angela Connor worked with Barbara Hepworth, a pioneering British sculptor whose innovations in using abstract shapes and elemental forms were heavily influenced by Picasso.'

The guide then takes walkers through the campus towards Lakeside Centre. 'Here you will find a lake where sculptor William Pye has placed a huge steel triangle. Peace Sculpture (1985) is a bold and futuristic work, rising from the lake with its 16 jets of water forming a trellis inside the triangle. Pye is renowned for his use of abstract, geometric shapes and the elegant simplicity of his sculptures. Like Matisse, Pye uses simple, clean shapes with minimal detail and the effect, particularly on a sunny day, is stunning.'

Downlaod the Birmingham art walk.

'Modern Masters' can be seen on Sunday evenings at 9pm on BBC One.

Words by Louise Russell