Sport Aston staff help train wheelchair user for 5km walk

Sport Aston staff recently helped to train a wheelchair user Anoop Mankoo to complete a 5km walk in the Race for Life

Muscular dystrophy sufferer Anoop Mankoo  has recently completed a 5km 'Race for Life' walk thanks to the help and support of staff at Sport Aston.

Anoop has suffered from the disease since birth and has always been dependent on a wheelchair and other walking aids. Sport Aston staff have been working with Anoop for the past two years, helping to build her muscle strength and increase her mobility.

When Anoop signed up to take part in 'Race for LIfe', gym instructor Lyanne Golding entered too so that she could be there to support Anoop every step of the way.  

Anoop said “Never in my life would I have thought I could walk a kilometre let alone 5! With the encouragement, advice and guidance I have been receiving, and the enormous support of all trainers, I was able to walk a 5km walk for charity on 26 June 2011."

Simon Foster, Sports Marketing & Development Officer for Sport Aston told Aspects: "This highlights the excellent work that Sport Aston staff do. All of our instructors have been there to encourage, advise and support Anoop in her training over the past two years to help her achieve such remarkable results which are both amazing and heart warming. We are so proud when we see results like this and will continue to work with all our customers to help them achieve their health and fitness goals."

Anoop has already raised a fantastic £620 for Cancer Research UK by taking part in the race. If you would like to sponsor Anoop, you can do so here: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/anoopmankoo2002.

Well done to Anoop and to Lyanne!

Words by Louise Russell
12 July 2011

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