Still Recovering from Fresher’s? 

Freshers 101

Top tips to help you balance your social and academic life.

Fresher’s week and the following weeks after are a hard time for our body’s internal organs. Late nights, fast food, excessive alcohol consumption (yes it is possible). These unhealthy actions can often become habits in the future if you are not careful – which could lead to weight gain and more importantly it could damage your studies.

Did you know that your average post night Chicken Hut kebab contains around 900 calories, and just one Jagerbomb is a whopping 160 calories! The kebab on its own is around half the maximum recommended calorie intake for a women per day (and let’s be honest you normally end up sleeping with more of the kebab then you actually eat).

It is not all doom and gloom however, as we have spoken to the fitness experts here at Sport Aston and we have come up with three simple tips to help you balance your health with the social side of university:

  1. Choose your choice of alcohol wisely! Lager, cider and beer are all common favourites as they are cheap, however there is around 300 calories in one pint of lager! Times that by five for a decent night at Gosta, and you’re looking at a whopping 1500 empty calories! Spirits and diet soda e.g. coke and lemonade contain less calories, taste better and you also shouldn’t drink as much! Helping you stay healthier while continuing to enjoy your nights out.
  2. Skip the fast food! The first thought on most people’s mind after leaving a club after a night out is food, and how to get it. This thought nearly always leads us to places like Mcdonalds, Chicken Hut or if you’re on Broadstreet, Food Republic. While the food here is quick and easy to get a hold of, there is always a healthier alternative. We recommend preparing a healthier food option before your night out, food which you can simply eat as soon as you get home or heat up in the microwave. A healthy example of this is a chicken sandwich or burger on brown bread or bun, microwaved for three minutes. A big glass of water will also help!
  3. Our third and final tip is to ensure you are participating in some form of exercise during you studies. University is the perfect time to partake in a new sport, activity or just to be regularly active i.e. joining the gym. Joining a sports society or regularly going to the gym is a fantastic way of counter acting regular drinking. Meaning you can easily live a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy social life at university.
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Get Active!

We can’t help you with the first two, but we can help you get active! Here at Woodcock Sports Centre we have first class facilities, including a gym, pool and sauna & steam room! Whether you are a casual gym goer, a competitive swimmer or an elite level athlete, we have something for everyone!

Take advantage of our Academic Memberships specifically designed for students! Our Academic gold membership gives you access to the Gym, Pool, Sauna, Steam, and Aerobics & Yoga Classes. A full list of memberships and benefits can be found on our website, which you can view by clicking here. Memberships start from just £4.20 a week! Pop into the sports centre to ask about our membership offers for students, or contact us on 0121 204 4623. We are always happy to help!