Womens Self Defense Course

Self Defence

Sometimes the world can be a scary place and although many people take this course for serious reasons we make sure that our course is fun and engaging. The course will guide you through a range of self defence scenarios and what can do to to make sure you can escape danger. The course will cover both the psychological and practical side of self defence.

Topics Covered

  • Self Defence and the Law
  • How to avoid/deescalate conflict
  • Techniques to use in common street attack scenarios


  • Psychological effects of self defence
  • Striking techniques


Course Dates

Course 1

18th October 15:30-16:30

25th October 15:30-16:30

1st November 15:30-16:30

8th November 15:30-16:30

15th November 15:30-16:30


Aston student or staff £15

Affiliated £21

Community £25

Silver Dry & Gold Members Free

How To Book

To book your place please call 0121 204 4623.

For further information please contact on 0121 204 4623 or email sportsenquiries@aston.ac.uk

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