Research strategy

Aston Research Strategy

Research at Aston plays a major role in our 2020 strategy, enabling us to build on our global reputation for producing employable graduates, global citizens and imaginative thinkers. Going forward, we have seven elements that will define our vision for research:

Research at Aston

1. Translational Research with Impact

Our research is rooted in real world knowledge and experience - it is accessible, impactful and exploitable for globally minded organisations and individuals. Our strategy will ensure that our research groups work closely with communities, governments and businesses to supply creative, but practical answers to real world problems.

2. Collaborative and Interdisciplinary

Our campus is compact and, therefore, holds brilliant opportunities for collaboration across departments and academic disciplines. It is an exciting place to be and we aspire for the interdisciplinary nature of our work to inform the reach and impact of our research

3. Building on our Strengths

In the run up to 2020, we will be investing in our already thriving Research Centres. The next few years will see us welcoming more visitors to our University, enhancing our interdisciplinary approach and developing more rich and varied research with our partners.

4. Developing People

Aston attracts talented individuals from around the around the world to work in our departments and inspire our students. Aston's Graduate School will continue to operate across the University, developing researchers through a combination of courses, supervision and training. Researchers will have increasing opportunities to undertake academic teaching qualifications, in addition to the chance to apply for highly sort after grants and fellowships.

5. Research Informed Teaching

Our 2020 strategy includes giving more students the chance to participate in research projects at the university, enhancing their degree experience and making them an integral part of our global impact.

6. A Great Research Environment and Culture

Continuing to invest in our infrastructure and facilities, improving interdisciplinary research on campus and with our partners abroad. Promotion of cultural events and activities across campus to invigorate the research environment. Developing University spaces so that research conversations are ubiquitous.

7. Diversity of Funding

Bringing together a wide variety of research funding streams from the European Union, research councils and charities. Having a research-active staff that attract funding and are recognised as leaders in their disciplines on a global level.

This is our strategic vision for research in the run up to 2020. For more information on research opportunities at Aston, view our Research Programmes

Research opportunities

Research opportunities

Aston has a wide range of research programmes available, including MPhil, PhD, Executive DBA and MSc qualifications

Aston's research in action

Aston's research in action

Just a few ways in which Aston's research is having a global impact

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Meet the Aston Scholars

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