Adding items to AURA is easy:

Bibliographic details and  copyright compliance will be checked by the Research Archive Specialist before the item is made publicly available.

What can I upload?

Ideally you will deposit the final, peer-reviewed version that is sent to the publisher. You may deposit a pre-print (before peer-review) initially, then deposit the final version later.

Subject to copyright permission you can upload the following items, which have been authored, co-authored or edited by Aston University staff:

  • accepted versions articles in refereed journals
  • articles in un-refereed journals
  • books and book chapters
  • conference publications
  • forthcoming publications
  • patents
  • submitted versions
  • theses
  • working papers and technical reports

Preferably deposited items should be in PDF format.

What can't I upload?

You should not upload:

  • material that should not be publically available, such as confidential or sensitive information
  • material that if deposited would infringe copyright. Publishers may not allow 'in press versions', 'author’s PDFs' or 'accepted versions'
  • non-original work
  • teaching material, which should instead be deposited in Blackboard

My work has been accepted for publication, but it has not being published yet. Can I upload it?

Only if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • it has been through the peer-review process
  • the publisher agrees

When you upload in the 'status' field, please indicate that the paper is 'in press'.

I do not have time to upload articles. Can anyone do it for me?

Yes, if your School has an Administrator responsible for uploading and editing the details of your work. You only need to forward the following information:

  • Author(s)
  • Title
  • Title of journal, book, conference, etc.
  • Year
  • Volume/issue
  • Page numbers (if known)
  • If a publication is co-authored, you have to obtain a written permission from the other authors
  • A signed copy of the Deposit Licence
  • If possible send or retain a copy of the publisher agreement you signed when you submitted your document
  • If possible send an electronic copy of you document.

I submitted my paper ages ago. Why is it not there?

Once you submit your document, it goes into a queue and doesn’t appear online until the Repository Officer vets it. After then, it may take some time for it to be available online. If it has been a long time, perhaps weeks, you might want to contact the Research Archive Specialist.

The publisher lets me upload on AURA but wants me to add a note: how do I do that?

When you add bibliographic information you put the notice in the box ‘Bibliographical note’ and it will appear on your abstract page on the Repository. 

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