What are the benefits for me personally?

Increased visibility for your research

  • you maximise your work's impact by widening your audience and making access to it simpler

  • you increase the citation of your publications your publications are indexed by search engines and other more specific scholarly services, with the enriched metadata helping to ensure that they will appear amongst the top rankings

  • people can subscribe to RSS feeds of your work, so they will be automatically notified when you add something new

  • you can track how many times your publications have been downloaded

Permanent, secure storage

  • your deposited papers are permanently visible to everyone online and preserved for the future
  • your publications are securely stored and backed up
  • your publications have a permanent web address, enabling you and others to link to them

A reduced work load

  • you increase the speed of work certifications  - i.e. public claim of ownership
  • researchers will be able to access your publications directly, rather than sending you requests
  • you can efficiently manage your REF submissions
  • you ease your load for your Performance Development Reviews and applications for Performance-Related Pay
  • you may export or import your entries as text or bibliographic databases (e.g. EndNote and BibTeX), which is useful for grant proposals and CVs
  • you fulfil the House of Common Science and Technology Select Committee’s recommendations and the Funding Agencies’ requirements – which are increasingly mandating the deposit of the research in repositories
  • you can use the RSS feed of your publications to automatically update your staff profile page

What are the benefits for Aston University?

Aston University strongly endorses the repository and the Aston Research Committee has agreed that all Aston research output should be uploaded to AURA, with the exception of commercial and sensitive material.

  • AURA is a highly visible and accessible showcase of Aston's research activity
  • it opens our research to the wider research community may discover and retrieve Aston University’s work, increasing its visibility and maximising its impact, both institutionally and at group level.
  • as a unique central place on the web, the AURA can be marketed and advertised efficiently.
  • AURA ensures the long-term digital preservation of Aston research, so that the output remains highly visible and accessible in the future, independently from any other body (e.g. publishers are not formally addressing the issue).

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