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AURA is a service of Aston University that will raise your profile in the research community worldwide. AURA will be updated via a connector from Pure so that academics no longer need to log into AURA. 

We encourage you to upload your own publications, but in some Schools an AURA Administrator can upload items on your behalf. 

Please refer to our guidance on copyright. If you require any help or advice, contact the Research Archive Specialist.

Who is eligible to deposit publications in the repository? 

Any Aston University member of staff can deposit their publications. 

New members of staff are welcome to archive work from posts in other institutions.

Start uploading 

You can use your Aston username and password for logging in to PURE. Once logged in you can upload and edit your publications, and check on the progress of items your have uploaded. 

What happen if leave Aston University? 

Your deposits will remain in the repository, but you are welcome to archive it also in your new institution’s repository.  

Creating a PDF  

Ideally publications should be converted into PDF before they are uploaded.  If you have a PDF creator:

  • Open the document in Word 
  • On the menu select 'File' then 'Print'  
  • Choose the 'Print to PDF' option 
  • Save it in a convenient location, ready to be uploaded.    

If you do not have a PDF creator installed on your computer, and you want to upload PDF, please contact the ISA helpdesk


More information on uploading can be found here.  

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