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AURA administrators

Some Aston Schools have a designated administrator to help academics to upload their publications. To know more, please contact your School's administrative office.  


Metadata is the description of digital items (e.g. in-depth bibliographic descriptions) encrypted in the item itself. Search engines crawl the Web to find documents and depending on the quality of the metadata, they list the 'hits'.  High quality metadata, such as the one of items deposited in repositories, enables the digital items to be ranked higher amongst the millions of records retrieved.  This is possible because the Aston Repository Officer will ensure that your papers' metadata is enriched and complies with standards such as Open Access Initiative (OAI) which is favoured by Google and Google Scholar and specialised repository’s engines. 

Open Access

Open Access is a movement that promotes the free dissemination of publications on the Internet through Institutional Research Repositories, such as Aston’s, and open access journals. The movement started in response to the limitations on access to research imposed by the cost of subscription journals - most of them are funded through Library Subscriptions.  Not every researcher across the world can access well-resourced libraries. 


Pre-prints are those versions of your work before being peer-reviewed. They may include: Drafts Early versions or work in progress Submitted versions to journal for peer-review (preferred)


Post-prints are the final versions of your work that have been peer-reviewed and that have being accepted for publication. 

They may include: 

  • Published versions 
  • Publisher-created versions 
  • Accepted versions 
  • Author-created versions incorporating referees comments and accepted for publication


Publisher agreement

When you publish your paper, it is very likely that you signed a ‘publisher agreement’. As this document states your rights as an author, it is always worthwhile keeping a copy. On the publisher agreement it should state whether you can make your paper available on AURA.

Publisher PDF 

Some publishers do not allow their formatted PDF to be uploaded on an institutional repository and the author’s final draft might not be identical to the published version. Although the published version is the true version for citations, the copy posted on the repository helps to make the content widely available. 

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