• Aston Research Explorer Aston Research Explorer The Aston Research Explorer is a great resource for anyone who wants to find out more about research and researchers at Aston.
  • Servitization Delivering World Leading ResearchResearch undertaken at Aston University has identified five main reasons why over 500 UK manufactures are choosing to adopt a servitization approach.
  • Aston Scholars Aston ScholarsMeet Aston University's academics as they talk about their world-leading research and how they create inspirational learning environments
  • Entrepreneurship Delivering World Leading ResearchEntrepreneurship has been recognised as an agent of development and transforming business ideas into economic opportunities.
  • Aston Graduate School Aston Graduate SchoolThe Aston Graduate School provides a supportive environment for research students across the University with a view to widening and enriching their experience during their research studies
  • Superbugs Delivering World Leading ResearchResearch at Aston University has led to a clinical assessment of how antimicrobial copper surfaces reduce hospital infections.
  • Pre-eclampsia Delivering World Leading ResearchScientists at Aston University have found that hydrogen sulfide could be key to helping prevent life threatening conditions during early pregnancy.
  • Forensic linguistics Delivering World Leading ResearchAston has arguably the strongest team in the UK in the emerging field of forensic linguistics.
  • Bioenergy Delivering World Leading ResearchThrough our research we are working to deliver the technologies and the people to lead the low carbon economy.

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