Council Tax Certificates

What is Council Tax?

The Council Tax is set by local authorities to help pay for the local services that they provide.

Who Has to Pay?

Under Council Tax legislation, Halls of Residence are exempt from Council Tax and therefore students in University residences do not pay Council Tax. Students living in other accommodation may need to prove that they are a full-time student in order to claim exemption from paying Council Tax.

Definition of a Full-Time Student for Council Tax Purposes

Attending a University course lasting for at least one academic year, running for at least 24 weeks a year and involving at least 21 hours of study per week during term time.

Claiming Council Tax Exemption

You can apply for Council Tax Exemption via MAP.  New students will normally be able to apply from the third week of their first term.  Returning students will normally be able to apply once they have re-enrolled for the academic year. 

Students living within the Birmingham City Council area who complete the MAP task will have their details forwarded electronically directly to the Council, normally within 10 working days of their request.  You will be advised of the information which will be sent to the Council when you complete the MAP task.  If you need to query your electronic Council Tax exemption with Birmingham City Council, their direct line number is: 0121 303 1113.

Students living outside the Birmingham City Council area will be able to collect a Council Tax exemption certificate from the Aston Student Advice Point, normally within 4 working days of their request.  You will be required to produce your UniCard when you collect the certificate.  Please take care of your certificate as it is your evidence under the legislation of your eligibility for exemption and it will be needed by the Council when you apply for exemption or a discount.

Contact for Further Information

If you have a query about Council Tax exemption, please contact Sandra Falkner in The Hub (email: s.j.falkner@aston.ac.uk; telephone 0121 204 4658).


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