How to complain about the support you receive as a research student

If as a research student, you are dissatisfied with your conditions of work or the quality of your supervision, you should wherever possible discuss the difficulties with your Internal Supervisor. If you prefer not to discuss the complaint with your Internal Supervisor, you should approach your School's Associate Dean for Research.

If your Internal Supervisor or Associate Dean for Research does not resolve your difficulties, you should submit written details of the complaint to your School's Research Committee, through the Secretary of the School Research Committee, who is located in your School's research office. The School Research Committee will then invite comments from your Supervisor and Associate Dean for Research and may invite you to submit additional information.

After discussion, at which any members directly connected with your complaint (including the Internal Supervisor) should not be present and at least two Academic Staff from at least one other School should be present, the School Committee must make a clear recommendation to the relevant School Board

You will be informed of the School Committee's recommendation before the School Board meeting and may respond in writing to the Chairman of the School Board through the Secretary of the School Board. You will be given a minimum of ten days notice if a full-time student or twenty days notice if a part-time student, of the School Board meeting. The School Board, on consideration of the School Committee's recommendation and any responses from you or the staff concerned, must either uphold the recommendation or refer the matter to the School Research Committee for further consideration

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the School meeting you may refer the complaint to the Senior-Pro-Vice Chancellor under the procedures detailed in the University Student Complaints Procedures

You should note that no complaints will be considered once you have submitted your thesis.

If you want help or guidance about making a complaint you can e-mail the Advice & Representation Centre or the Secretary of the Univeristy's Research Degrees Committee.

You can access the detailed procedures for dealing with complaints by Research students by clicking on General Regulations for Higher Degrees By Research and Thesis.

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