Welcome  to the Student Support Services Health and Safety Page

This page has been set up by the Student Support Services Health and Safety Committee (SSSHSC) to provide advice and information on health and safety matters to all staff who work in these areas. The departments covered by the SSSHSC are as follows: the Hub, the Registry, Staff and Student Diversity & Wellbeing, and the Pro-Vice-Chancellors’ Office.

The following members of the SSSHSC act as representatives of their respective teams. If individual members of staff wish to raise any health and safety concerns they should approach their team's representative or if they are not available the Chair or Secretary of the Committee. 

John Walter 

Academic Registrar (Chair)

 Paul Lawrence  Representative for Staff and Student Diversity and Wellbeing
 Kate Parsons  Staff and Student Diversity and Wellbeing Manager
 Lesley Richards  Representative for Admissions, Planning and Examinations (Secretary)
 Lesley Smith  Representative of Prov-Vice-Chancellors' Office
 Lois Spencer   Representative of Registry (Student Records) 
 Lesley Stewart  Representative for Registry Office (Quality)
 Jill Wilson

Manager of the Hub 


Health and Safety Information for Staff


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