Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics
Aqua aerobics is a fun women’s only fitness session that takes place in our historic swimming pool at The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre. You don’t need to be able to swim to take part. The session contains cardio work and conditioning exercises for the whole body. Classes take place on Tuesdays from 17:10-17:40 after the women’s only swimming. Please note that aqua fit is a women only class and only takes place during University term time.

Aquafit is free of charge and the cost is included within the price of a women only swim



BEGINNERS Easier exercises for those just starting to workout


INTERMEDIATE For those who already workout


ADVANCED For those who like a more challenging workout

Sport Aston Swimming Pool

Sport Aston Swimming Pool

Sport Aston is home to the oldest running pool in Birmingham

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