Why should you attend an open day?

Why attend an Aston Open Day

Deciding where you want to go to university is an extremely tough decision. You’ll definitely want to be sure as you will be spending the next 3 or 4 years there! Here are some reasons as to why we think you should attend your open days.

1. Work out how to get to the university

Whether you’re commuting or living on campus, learning how to get to and from campus is important. That way you can tell your friends and family when they come to visit and you have no risks of getting lost. 

2. See what the area is like

It is important to know what the area around your campus is like. See if there are places to go, things to see and just make sure it’s a safe environment!

3. Have a look at the campus facilities

When you’re going on a tour of the campus, have a look at what facilities there are. Do you like to go to the gym? Ask if they have one! Is the library close by? How far is the accommodation? All these questions will be answered. When you attend talks you’ll also be able to see what the lecture rooms are like and whether you like them. 

4. Find out what the course you'd like to study is like

The best thing about Open Days is attending a talk about your course. Here you can speak to the lecturers and really find out what the course is about. Ask them to speak to you about the topics for each year and also if there’s a chance for a placement year. They are there to answer your questions, so go for it!

5. Talk to current students

Student ambassadors will be there throughout the day, speaking in talks and taking you on tours. This is the best time to ask a student for their opinion of the university and their course. They might even be studying the same course that you're interested in! 

6. Future friends

It’s not just about talking to the students but also to other people attending the open day. During your time at university you’ll meet people who will become your friends for life, and some of them may be at the same Open Day. Get talking to everyone and see what courses they are studying. Stay in contact and you never know, you might both be going to the same university!

7. Soak in the atmosphere

Most people say you will know if this is your university - and it’s true. Take in your environment, look at how other students interact on campus and see how you feel. If you can imagine yourself attending, then it’s right for you!