Aston Staff present at the Logistics Research Network (LRN) 2016 Conference

ALSI Conference 2016 -web
Dr Witold Bahr and Professor Ed Sweeney present at the conference
13th September

Aston Logistics & Systems Institute had a strong representation at the Logistics Research Network (LRN) 2016 Conference that took place from 7th-9th September at the University of Hull. 

Chaired by Professor Ed Sweeney, LRN is part of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and is the UK's premier forum for research in the logistics and supply chain fields. Aston's team comprised Professor Sweeney, Dr Aristedes Matapoulos and Dr Witold Bahr, as well as Ph.D students Meshal Almofadhi and Subin Yang. 

Presentations by Aston staff received a lot of interest and generated lively discussions afterwards. The following papers were presented:

 - "Radio Frequency Identification and Time-Driven Activity Based Costing: RFID-TDABC Application in Warehousing" - Witold Bahr and Brian Price

- "Implementation of Supply Chain Management Theory in Practice: A Questioannaire Survey in the United Kingdom" - Witold Bahr and Edward Sweeney

- "Improving City Logistics Operations: A Case Study of Service Delivery in London" - Yifan Li, Aristedes Matapoulos, and Edward Sweeney

- "Investigating The Environmental Impact of Logistics Clusters: Insights From the UK" - Meshal Almofadhi, Aristedes Matapoulos and Edward Sweeney

 Find out more about the conference here.