Aston University host the Shell Target One Million event

Shell with Quentin

17 October 2012

Aston University hosted Shell’s eco- friendly event, as part of their global campaign to raise awareness of fuel efficiency.

The event, held at the Aston’s Lakeside Conference centre earlier this month, is part of Shell FuelSave ‘Target One Million’ online campaign. The campaign aims to educate motorists around the world through a series of interactive and educational online mini-games. Players are called to register online and drive their virtual cars in the most fuel-saving way possible aiming to reach the last check-point in the fastest possible time.  The event is aiming to achieve one million registered online players to raise awareness of fuel efficiency.

Special guest for the event was Quentin Wilson, Sunday Mirror motoring journalist and former presenter of BBC's Top Gear.

The day also featured Aston’s Eco-Design award which was presented to Aston University engineering students at the Shell Eco-maratahon competition which took place in Rotterdam earlier this year.  The engineering student’s car built in a honeycomb structure is made from British-forestry approved wood and cardboard. The entire car which operates on hydrogen can be packed flat for delivery, making the process from production to driving more efficient. Aston University and Oxford University were the only UK universities to compete in this year’s competition.

The Shell Eco- marathon events take place every year, first in the Americas, then Europe and Asia. The competitions are designed to challenge high school and University students from around the world to design, build and test their energy-efficient vehicles, the winners are the teams that go the furthest using lease amount of energy.

The events are designed to spark debate about the future of motoring and to inspire young engineers to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency.


For further media information please contact Eva Tabora, Aston University Communications on 0121 204 4294

For further details please contact Grace Mills, Marketing Officer, Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University 0121 204 3558

For further details about the Shell FuelSave campaign visit target one million website.