Aston research partnership showcased by Government


7 December 2012

A 3D body measurement system developed in conjunction with Aston University has been highlighted by Government as an example of good practice between industry and academia.  

The partnership, between Select Research - who created the pioneering Body Volume Index system, and Aston engineering academics, now features in a Department of Business Innovation and Skills video showcase.

The 3D scanner system uses high tech sensors to map the body and is designed to enable clinicians to understand more about a patients hidden fat levels particularly around internal body organs. The Body Volume Index technology, which scans participants within a photo style booth, is seen as a potential long-term alternative to the Body Mass Index in healthcare.

Professor Ian Nabney (Head of Computer Science and Mathematics) led Astons participation in the Body Volume Index project, which assimilated the computer data from the trials of the 3D scanner to produce norms for fat in various parts of the body. Aston and Select Research came together via the Innovation Voucher Scheme, originally developed and managed by Aston University and now launched nationally by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to promote business and university collaboration.

Richard Barnes, Managing Director of Select Research, said; Aston University were able to provide the mathematical expertise we needed to help interpret our computer data and in turn to help us develop as a business. They understood what we wanted to achieve through our unique 3D composition data, and in particular for our BVI system, to accurately assess and develop body norms for where weight is typically stored on various parts of the body.

The 3D BVI technology has already been used by leading retailers for many years to create automated and accurate measurements for retail sizing. It uses a series of 16 sensors and 32 cameras, programmed by a standard PC to create a virtual body image.  Over 400 unique points of measurement can be extracted from any one 3D body scan.

View the Department of Business Innovation and Skills short film about BVI and the Aston University and Select Research partnership.

To discover more about working in partnership with Aston University contact Emma Sutton in the Business Partnership Unit on 0121 204 4542 or e.sutton@aston.ac.uk


For more information about BVI please visit www.bodyvolume.com