Top UK Experts Meet to Tackle Ageing

Healthy Ageing- Active Couple

14 September 2011

Some of the UK’s leading experts on ageing are coming together for a one day conference to explore the impact old age will have on all of us.

This top showcase is taking place at Aston University on Wednesday 21st September 2011.

The event is open to the public and will provide a forum for world-class researchers to show their work to a wider audience and to explore ways in which their expertise can shape the future of healthy ageing. With more and more people expected to live longer, there is an urgent need to focus on the areas that affect older adults and identify solutions to the many challenges old age brings.

Dr Roslyn Bill, who leads the Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA), says: ‘This showcase is about exchanging ideas, as well as looking for practical solutions to a major challenge for all of us. We hope those

who attend will go away, having been inspired after hearing about the huge amount of cutting edge research carried out here at Aston University.’

At Aston University, ARCHA is made up of a cluster of five different research areas which focus on all areas of significance to older adults: the ageing the eye, the mind, the metabolism, lives and healing.

Some of the highlights of the day will be a look at the ageing mind, headed by Dr Eric Hill, who has constructed a replica brain enabling him to study conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimers. Professor Jonathan Gibson will be looking at deteriorating sight in older adults, and explaining how his research has made a major breakthrough for those who face losing their sight.  The day will also look at aspects of Social Care and how we can keep older adults safe and active, with Dr Carol Holland examining how the older adults can keep their driving licences for longer.

Dr Roslyn Bill continues: ‘At ARCHA, we’ve always said that we want our research to have real impact on the lives of older adults. We are keen for the public to come along to see what we are doing, and also so we can find out what matters to them. If we don’t know what affects their lives we can’t help them as well. We are looking for volunteers, and there will be opportunities to take part in our many research studies.’

Aston University is an award winning research led institution in the heart of Birmingham.  It has Four Schools of Study which all contribute to ARCHA.  In the 2012 Sunday Times University Guide, Aston was named No 1 in the UK for ‘Subjects Allied to Medicine’ and also for ‘Pharmacy’.

The day starts at 10am and runs through to an afternoon session beginning at 3pm.

For further information or to attend please visit ARCHA, or call Louise Russell, 0121 204 4637, l.a.russell1@aston.ac.uk, or David Farrow d.farrow@aston.ac.uk