Aston Engineering publicity event success

eco car 2

18 February 2011

Aston Engineering Eco team is pushing the boundaries of sustainable car design by showcasing a truly conceptual car as part of the Shell Eco Marathon Challenge. This was revealed at the first of its kind publicity event at Aston, which saw the Formula Student and Shell Eco Challenge teams, present their ongoing designs.

The event was attended by both the Deputy Lady Mayoress Vivienne Wilkes and Deputy Mayor Michael Wilkes, whom is a key Aston engineering sponsor. With an engineering background Councillor Wilkes believes greatly in the benefit of projects such as formula student, and recognises the fantastic hands on learning opportunity that they represent. He expressed not only an interest in the current work by the teams, but also their future projects.  

In the case of both entries Aston’s teams are aiming to compete with a car that will leave a lasting impact on the judges, whilst also inspiring others at the competition. In particular the freedom of the Shell challenge brief allows the team to showcase a selection of unusual materials. Including reinforced fabrics, to construct the futuristic body, and Marine Plywood to form the basis for the chassis. The design looks to represent the urban car of the future, not only offering exceptionally high fuel efficiency, but also including the ability to reduce the length of the car, to make use of tighter city parking spaces.

Ian Sleeman, team manager, said; ‘The event went really well, and we were all pleased with the number of people who came along to support the team. Events like this are really important to help to get the designs out there prior to launching the finished machines. They also help to bring projects such as the eco challenge to the attention of groups that may have a vested interest in sponsorship, but simply don’t know about it.’

For further information or if you are interested in sponsoring the team please contact sleemani@aston.ac.uk