Aston Engineering students hoping to go the distance in Eco Marathon Challenge

eco car 1

10 February 2011 

The Aston Engineering Eco team is pushing the boundaries of sustainable car design by showcasing a truly conceptual car as part of the Shell Eco Marathon Challenge.

This event sees over 200 student teams from across the country, challenged to design and build the most fuel efficient car. The aim is to travel as far as possible on just 1lt of fuel.              

Aston’s team aim is to create a car that will leave a 'lasting impact' on the judges, while also inspiring others at the competition. The design showcases a selection of unusual materials, including reinforced fabrics to construct the futuristic body, and Marine Plywood to form the basis for the chassis.

Designed as an urban car of the future, the concept offers exceptionally high fuel efficiency. It will also be possible to reduce the length of the car to make use of tighter city parking spaces.

Aston team member, Ian Sleeman, said; "With many companies looking for ways to demonstrate their green credentials, this is an ideal way to support a genuinely green and sustainable project. The Aston team look forward to showcasing their concept on an international stage."

The challenge takes place betwen the 26 - 28th May 2011.

The Aston University team will be holding a publicity event on Tuesday, February 15th at Aston's Sumpner lecture Theatre between 6pm-7pm.

For further information please visit the Aston Shell Eco Car web pages or contact sleemani@aston.ac.uk