Aston's Vice Chancellor congratulates graduates of 2009

13 July 2009

Message from Professor Julia King, Vice Chancellor:

My warmest congratulations to all our new graduates.

Graduation is a very special celebration of achievement and a time to feel very proud.

You, and I suspect your families and friends as well, have made a great investment in your future. Several recent studies have highlighted the increased lifetime earnings of graduates compared to their non-graduate peers. Our aim at Aston has been to provide you with the intellectual challenge, knowledge and skills to enable you to thrive in the fast changing world. But most importantly you will have learnt how to learn. In this age of ‘the knowledge economy’ your ability to continually refresh and develop your knowledge and skills will be your passport to explore interesting and challenging roles throughout your career. I hope Aston will be able to play a role again in the future in supporting your lifelong learning.

Graduation is also a slightly sad time, a time of parting. We have enjoyed teaching you – you have been challenging and stimulating. So, good luck for the future – and, whatever you do, remember that there are many ways to define success. We are keen to know where your lives and careers lead you – please keep in touch.