Salters’ Festival of Chemistry

22 May 2008 – for immediate release

Students from 15 local schools in the Midlands enjoyed an interesting fun-filled day of chemistry at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry at Aston University on 14th May. Each school was represented by a team of four 11-13 year olds.

During the morning the teams took part in a competitive, hands-on, practical activity, “Who Pinched the Salt?” a mock ‘who-dunnit’ in which the children had to conduct simple tests, produced a forensic report and conclusion. In the afternoon, they competed in the “University Challenge”, a practical activity which saw the young chemists conduct a fabric dye test. This was followed by a ‘Chemical Magic demonstration by Dr Gareth Griffiths involving exciting experiments such as ‘the dancing raisins’ and the Bangham flamb experiment in which he extinguished an ether fire using a special type of oil. The day ended with Prize giving which saw King Edward V1, Five Ways School take the Salter’s Festival 1st prize and Aylestone School, Hereford take the 1st prize in the University Challenge. The winning teams were awarded £25 for 3rd place, £50 for 2nd place and £100 for 1st place for their schools. Every student who participated in the day won a prize.

Dr Gareth Griffiths commented that it had been a real pleasure to have so many enthusiastic young people partaking in a chemistry festival and that he hoped many would be inspired to consider it as a career choice for the future following the fun packed day.

The Salters' Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of The Salters' Institute, whose aim is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young. The Festival at Aston University is one of a series of fifty-three Festivals which are taking place at Universities throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland between March and June 2008.

Aston University is delighted that the Royal Society of Chemistry is again working in partnership with us for the Festivals this year.


For more information please contact Lianne Robinson on 0121 204 4549.