Aston Prof scoops prestigious science medal

18th March 2008 – for immediate release

Professor Yvonne Perrie from the School of Life & Health Sciences has been announced as the winner of the 2007 British Pharmaceutical Conference (BPC) Science Medal. She will be presented with the award at this year’s BPC in September, where she will also give a lecture on her innovative research into the liposomal delivery of drugs and vaccines.

The Science Medal is awarded annually to a scientist working in a pharmaceutical or related discipline (in industry or academia), who has produced work of outstanding promise and has demonstrated a proven track record of independent research.

Professor Perrie has been awarded the medal on the basis of her research and expertise as a scientist, particularly in the development of liposome systems. She has been working in this area since her postgraduate studies and has maintained a keen interest in applying these systems to a range of health care and engineering problems; for example, in enhancing the applicability and efficacy of new vaccines to improve our ability to protect against a range of infectious diseases, many of which remain a global threat to health. She is also looking at using liposomes to improve the targeting of drugs so that they can be delivered to the right place in the body so improving their potency and reducing side-effects.

Yvonne said: ‘It is an honour to have been awarded the 2007 Conference Science Medal, and I very much look forward to presenting my lecture on liposomal delivery of drugs and vaccines at BPC 2008.’


For further information please contact Sally Finn on 0121 204 4552.

Yvonne (centre) pictured with her team who helped her achieve the Science Medal.

Photography by Edward Moss