Diet & Health - a radical hypothesis

31 January 2007 – for immediate release

Professor Helen Griffiths from Aston University in Birmingham will give the University’s latest Inaugural Lecture on Tuesday, 12th February in the Warwick Lecture Theatre at 6.30pm.

Prof Griffiths is an expert in the relationship between diet and cardiovascular disease.

She says: ‘Average life-span has increased in the last century across the world with improved standards of living. However, our health span has not increased in parallel as expected. The burden of disease has gradually shifted to the non-communicable diseases such as chronic inflammatory disease and metabolic syndrome. Cardiovascular disease is a common complication of non-communicable diseases and their increasing prevalence is exacerbated by changes in diet (towards saturated fats and sugars).

‘So what are the changes in our metabolism that contribute to the development of vascular diseases? How can we know if our diet is "biologically healthy"? Why does so much confusion exist over dietary vitamins - are they beneficial or not?

These and other issues will be discussed in the lecture. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

Tea will be served before the lecture from 5.30pm (in 'Astons', opposite the Warwick Lecture Theatre), and there will be a buffet after the talk.

Please contact Jean Hasson, University Communications on 0121 204 4551 or via email to book a seat.

Please also note, that previous inaugural lectures are available to view online at the following link:http://www.aston.ac.uk/about/news/events/lecturevideos.jsp


For further press information or to arrange an interview with Professor Griffiths please contact Sally Finn on 0121 204 4552.