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Professor Tim GrantAs a forensic linguist, Tim uses a scientific approach to language to help convict criminals. His specialism is short-form messages - such as texts, Twitter posts and emails. He has helped to gain justice in a variety of high-profile cases, from...forensic linguistics, authorship analysis, short-form message analysis, language in society, psychology of language and communication
Professor Urszula ClarkUrszula is Head of English and an expert in regional and social variation in English. She is Director of The West Midlands English: Speech and Society Project. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, stylistics and English Pedagogy....English language, accents, dialects, West Midlands, speech and society, linguistics, sociolinguistics, language and identity, variations of English
Reham Badawy One of Aston's developing researchers, award-winning Reham has a first class honours BSc in Neuroscience and Smart Systems. She is undertaking interdisciplinary research using advanced statistical machine learning techniques for medical...statistical machine learning; applied mathematics; smartphones; Parkinson's disease