Dr Geoffrey Stewart Morrison

Associate Professor of Forensic Speech Science

Centre for Forensic Lingustics

Geoff conducts research in forensic speech science and in evaluation of forensic evidence in general (forensic inference and statistics). His work covers technical, philosophical, and legal aspects of forensic science. 
He writes on the use of voice analysis as evidence in court, including commenting on real-life cases. He has experience in forensic casework and consults on high-profile cases around the world. 
He has also worked as Scientific Counsel for INTERPOL's Office of Legal Affairs.
Media experience
  • Geoff has provided commentary for several publications, including Science, Scientific American, Euro Scientist, and The Canadian Press.
Areas of expertise
  • Forensic speech science
  • Forensic inference and statistics
  • Evaluation and interpretation of forensic evidence
  • Speaker recognition and speaker identification
Social media
For more information or to book an interview, email pr@aston.ac.uk