Professor Roslyn Bill

Professor of Biotechnology

School of Life & Health Sciences

Roslyn is a biotechnologist who develops yeast as a 'cell factory' to make membrane proteins in sufficient quantity and quality for use in the development of cutting edge therapeutic drugs. 
Membrane proteins play pivotal roles in all cellular functions including the transport of nutrients, export of toxins and cell to cell interactions. 
Roslyn is particularly interested in aquaporin water channels, G protein-coupled receptors and hepatitis C virus receptor complex proteins. 
Media experience
  • Roslyn is available to comment both on written and broadcast media.
Areas of expertise
  • Aquaporin water channels
  • G protein-coupled receptors
  • Use of yeast to make membrane proteins.
Social media
To book an interview, contact Rebecca Hume on 0121 204 5159 or r.hume@aston.ac.uk