Professor Peter Lambert

Professor of Microbiology

School of Life & Health Sciences

Peter's research involves working on rapid tests for diagnosis of infection and new ways to overcome microbial resistance and treat bacterial infections. 
In the 1970s he worked on the discovery of new antibiotics in the UK's pharmaceutical industry. He moved to Aston University as a lecturer in microbiology in 1980 where he has continued his research on antibiotic resistance, healthcare-related infections and mechanisms of bacterial virulence.
Media experience
  • Peter is available to provide comment on both written and broadcast media.
Areas of expertise
  • Infectious diseases, their diagnosis and treatment
  • Molecular typing and epidemiology of infectious diseases
  • Microbial pathogenicity, virulence factors, adhesion and colonisation, resistance to host defences
  • Antibiotics, mechanisms of action and resistance
  • Structure, function, properties and biosynthesis of microbial cell walls and membranes. 
To book an interview, contact Rebecca Hume on 0121 204 5159 or r.hume@aston.ac.uk